Charity Quilts

A top
Must order some batting...

Lovely  stripeys donated by that nice Mr Oakshott

Blue Cats

Variation (unfinished) on my Counter-Change Cats
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Now up to several iterations, and still going strong

Yellow and Grey

From Charm squares



...can be elusive. This one took almost all the making time to come up with it's name
Which is One Hundred and Eighty...

Then again, it was elusive in the making too. I cut the pieces ages ago, meant to take them to the Quilt Retreat, forgot the basket..
Never mind, all done now..
56 inches square

Briefly... I'm tired and it's late
Today's top

And quilting - this is  "Mod Indigo" for Quiltfest and is ready to bind tomorrow

and some new ideas curling out of my little machine at home

time for chocolate, I think...

Not small enough?

I love to make miniatures, I might have said this before but I am saying it again! I needed to make a class sample for the CUBITZ panel I am teaching at KIS Quilting (Ipswich) at the end of January so I can show the lovely ladies there how to face a quilt instead of binding it, since this panel has a shaped lower edge

The coin is just for reference: all will become clear soon

While sewing this panels I was idly wondering how small I could make it. My first instinct, when miniaturising a design, would be to foundation paper piece it, but this design just wouldn't work by that method. So it would have to be just done by accurate cutting and piecing (1/8th inch seams!)

Nailed it!

The fabric used throughout these panels is a lovely woven stripe by OAKSHOTT fabrics, sadly now discontinued. However the new weaving of LONGSHOTT is vibrant and gorgeous - I would recommend that you have a look at it.

More Progress, of a sort

This top has been languishing (and I use that word in all seriousness) in a biscuit tin for about 5 or 6 years. In the midst of the Big  Small Room Tidy, it resurfaced.. The problem I had with it (I could not work out how to press the internal "blocks" or 25 sub-blocks, so that the big 9-patch would nest properly) got solved, and here it is. Well, actually, when I looked closer, one sub-block was upside down.. Unpicking is anathema here, but I did, and it is now sorted

It's 60 inches square, will be for Quilts For Christmas Dinners, I think..
And these odd blocks (small and large squares, a few joined at the corners) were in the scrap box, I think they may have been a class sample from Heather. I'm playing with arrangements (and saving the little bonus triangles)