Word of the Year - Complete

Lots of stuff today, including my long-neglected Wonky Stars in Oakshott reds, now finally bordered and ready to layer
This will be for a gift, I think, as it's not saleable at a respectable price

And I made a start on some Sewing Kit Purses (images later) which will have a little pincushion and a needle book inside, made with a nice modern Sewing-machine Fabric and lined with a delightful Designers Guild print from about 1990, of honesty pods.. Images when finished tomorrow

Also, fixed and finished two sewing machines, printed manuals, made sense of the heap of scrap paper, tidied a whole bunch of oddments away, and started making things from my little collection of 1inch half-square triangles. Quilted and blocked two cushions I am recolouring for Michael Oakshott, in delicious pale colours, and made the back for one, I have another to hand-quilt this evening

Didn't do everything on my List, but did do a good deal of it

More tomorrow

A Successful Week of Making

The results of Making Week - which actually turned into 10 days - lots of gifty-type things and some (almost) christmas bunting. Well, it is red white and green,

Evidence of mass making (on a small scale)

More from Making Week

I told you they would look like leaves eventually!

There's something supremely satisfying about de-fluffing your machine after a serious week's work. Thanks to HH's expertise (and her long screwdriver) I was able to reach parts that hadn't seen a cotton bud for years!

Strangely enough my little Brother is working much better now!

I got distracted...

...by my New Toy

Serious bit of kit. 1500 spm, all in straight lines, and a goodly selection of feet, including three different free-motion ones..  I'm retraining my muscle memory, as it has a knee-lift and I really need to learn to sew left-footed, as my right heel is unhappy..


And no, it's not plastic, it's almost all metal. My second new sewing machine in one lifetime (first was a Hague Linker)

As Promised...

...some images from the Duxford Autumn Quilt Show (I will reveal my follies later)
Mostly Blue to Begin With - quilts shown with the labels, as this is easier than typing it all out
Possibly my favourite (and I had to wait ages to get a photo, as it was much crowded-around)

Also by Janet Stevens, this delicious miniature

Pat Hann's delightful banner, and the details of the same..

And this detailed and textural Door Curtain by Maureen Rhodes

Not least, this delightful stitchery..

More hand-stitch tomorrow..

Making It

This week's fun has included making things for our local (christmas with a small 'c') market.
So far....

A whole table full of the ever popular QUIP PEG BAG kits

And a forest full of FRONDE leaf purses (I know they look a bit strange like this, but they will be leaves eventually)

More things

So, Friday I went bookbinding (one has to learn new stuff) which was fun
Saturday, we went to Duxford to the Quilt Show, and I spent a lot of money...
Thursday's products included rather a good batch of Workshop Bags

Saturday evening I made pieces for little silk brooches

and today (Sunday) some little book covers

in various fabrics, some of which I bought at Duxford..
Images from the quilt show tomorrow